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Oxygen Not Included Update 535842

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Entwickler Klei Entertaiment hat das Update 535842 veröffentlicht.

Patch Notes


All Versions

  • Added Mysterious Hermit story trait.
  • Added Geotuner building.
  • Added Mission Control Station building.
  • Added Conduction Panel building.
  • Added Private Bedroom room type. Renamed Bedroom to Luxury Barracks.
  • Added Laboratory room type.
  • Preview of the new cosmetic skins system, including three free sample sets of skins (called “blueprints”).

Changes and Improvements

All Versions

  • Telescopes and Space Scanners have changed how they calculate sky visibility. These buildings now can work under multiple layers of glass tiles and denser gas/liquids.
  • Renamed Phosphorous to Refined Phosphorus to make it easier to differentiate from Phosphorite.
  • Geysers now display an Average Output once analyzed.
  • Geysers are now renamable. They start with a unique name identifier so it’s easier to tell them apart.
  • Reveal the asteroid’s surface when you launch a rocket after it reaches space.
  • Drywall changes
    • Significantly reduced Drywall construction time and construction mass.
    • Drywall now provides a small decor boost.
    • Moved Drywall to “Base” build menu category.
    • Moved Drywall to Textile Production tech.
    • Drywall can replace tiles and vice versa.
  • Pedestals, Sweepy Bots now lists artifacts and keepsakes before other items. 
  • Added Camera Speed slider to Game Options screen.
  • Added names for existing paintings and statues.
  • Canvases and sculpting blocks now let you select a different artwork of the same quality. You can also clear artwork.
  • Changed building material selection panel to a vertically scrolling grid.
  • Adjusted room colors for Deuteranopia and Protanopia color blind modes.
  • Room overlay legend was reordered such that the Kitchen appears near the other dining room types.
  • Fixed issue causing some menu backgrounds to be incorrectly sized after a window size or resolution change.
  • Added icons on the specific database pages for room type when you click on a category
  • Added a list of recipes to the Spice Grinder building’s database entry.
  • Dream bubbles now have a journal icon in them.
  • Updated Data Collection options menu to ask the player to restart after changing the setting. Also renamed it to “Data Communication”.

Base Game Only

  • Added Spaced Out! store link to the main menu for users who don’t already own it.

Spaced Out! only

  • Artifact Transport Module lists artifacts and keepsakes before other items.


All versions

  • Fixed a crash using the Sandbox delete tool on a Duplicant with a balloon.
  • Unequipping Pajamas from a Duplicant who is sleeping and dreaming will no longer make the Duplicant keep the dream bubble forever.
  • Fixed issue causing all Spice Grinders displaying the same food when hovering one Spice Grinder. 
  • Fixed sound issue related to solid resin.
  • Fixed issue that allowed Duplicants to get stuck when trying to enter a Transit Tube.
  • Fixed a transit tube related crash loading some saves.
  • Duplicants interrupted while eating at a Mess Table no longer play the eating animation when using other buildings.
  • Attack tool now correctly applies the selected priority.
  • Capture tool now updates the priority of critters already marked for capture.
  • Fixed “Resume Game” and load game screens not handling daylight savings time.
  • Fixed typos in the Heat database entry.
  • Updated Serum Vial recipe description to mention Zombie Spores instead of Slimelung.
  • Removed empty parentheses beside the decor item room requirement in the build menu.
  • Database entry for Critter Flux-O-Matic now displays expanded descriptions for each critter.
  • Modding: Fixed issue in the sim loading more than 255 elements.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when uprooting an Oxyfern.
  • Fixed “Doodle Dee Duplicant” painting sticking around after deconstructing the canvas.
  • Fixed crash composting a spiced food. Note that it loses its spices in the process.

Spaced Out! only

  • Fixed Sponge Slug incorrectly using Gas Output instead of Liquid Output.
  • Destroying rocket modules now properly cleans up related chores.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the status item “No Research Selected” when all researches were completed on the Space Out version by the Materials Study Terminal building. 
  • Fixed rocket launch button sometimes displaying “Automation Controlled” or “Begin Launch Sequence” incorrectly.
  • Renamed rocket interior tiles to “Rocket Wall” and clarified building restriction on rocket fitting building placement.
  • Fixed missing string for Ladder Bed stamina.
  • Removed duplicate Niobium Geyser entry in the database.

Changes since the last Public Testing update


    All versions
    • Updated Chinese translation


    All versions
    • Updated Mysterious Hermit to use their localized name and description.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when changing building blueprint selection in the build menu on an unresearched building.
    • Fixed a bug where the Geyser status item and Geyser tracker animation would not update when loading a save or  when destroying geotuners that have a geyser assigned but have not yet been worked.
    • The Mysterious Hermit’s Mailbox can now be deconstructed post story trait completion. 
    • Resolved a crash when deconstructing the Gravitas Shipping Container while a Duplicant is in the process of storing something.
    • The Duplicant knocking on the Gravitas Shipping Container no longer ignores death to continue knocking.
    • Fixed Duplicants wearing the incorrect outfit when equipping Oxygen Masks or balloons.

    Additional fixes in 535842

    All versions

    • Fixed issue preventing replacement tiles and drywall from completing construction.
    • Fixed issue causing rocket “Acknowledge Warnings” button to frequently revert state while selected.

    Quelle: [Game Update] – Hot Shots 535720 & 535842 – [Oxygen Not Included] – General Discussion – Klei Entertainment Forums

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