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Green Hell Hotfix Patch


Entwickler Creepy Jar hat einen weiteren Hotfixe zum letzten Update Storage & Transportation für Green Hell veröffentlicht.

Green Hell Patch-Notes

Hotfix 2.5.3


  • Game no longer crashes after stacking Tribal Arrows in Storage Box in co-op sessions
  • Sleigh should now align with terrain more precisely when the Player stops using it
  • Sleighs should be teleported back on the terrain if they accidentally fall under it
  • Animals are less likely to get stuck on the walls of the Animal Pen
  • Animals are less likely to escape from the Animal Pen when the Player isn’t around
  • Contents of the Small Storage Basket should no longer disappear in co-op sessions
  • Items put on cooking constructions no longer disappear or become inactive after a session reload
  • Smoker continues to process food after reload in co-op sessions
  • Soups and Brews no longer turn into water in co-op sessions
  • Cooking Slots on Stone Rings now always require an active fire build inside it in order to work

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