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Dark and Darker Hotfix 15

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Entwickler IRONMACE hat den Hotfix 15 für Dark and Darker veröffentlicht

Dark and Darker Patch-Notes


  • 4 new Necklaces


  • War Maul’s Armor Penetration has been changed from 30% → 20%.
  • Kris Dagger’s animation has been modified.
  • The primary modifier for many items have been adjusted.
  • The Random Modifiers for items have all been adjusted.
  • All legacy items are now gone. Options that are removed or have their min/max values changed will be rerolled or rescaled to accommodate the new data.
  • Fountain of Speed’s additional MoveSpeed changed from 70 → 50.
  • Dungeons now drop high-quality items much more frequently and in greater quantities from all chests and subbosses.
  • Merchants no longer sell as many Uncommon (Green) and Rare (Blue) items as before.
  • You can no longer preview the Random Modifiers from Jack O’Lantern’s merchandise.
  • Matchmaking below level 14 has now been removed.


  • Barbarian’s Iron Will’s additional Magic Resistance has been changed from 100 → 60.


  • Bard’s Beats of Alacrity additional MoveSpeed changed from 15/20/25 → 5/10/15.
  • Bard’s Harmonic Shield Armor Rating and Magic Resistance changed from 40/40 → 15/15.


  • Warlock’s Torture Mastery healing’s Attribute Ratio Bonus has been changed from 50% → 25%.
  • Warlock’s Eldritch Shield’s magic damage absorption changed from 40 → 25, dark magic damage bonus changed from 40% → 20%, and cost changed from 5 → 10.
  • Warlock’s Hydra cost changed from 15 → 20.
  • Warlock’s Ray of Darness’s dark magic damage has been changed from 3 → 7, and the cost has been changed from 5 → 10.


  • Fixed an issue where Bard’s Warsong was not applying to teammates.
  • Fixed an issue where newly added crafted items could not be used even if the class had the elgible Perk equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Ghost King’s Debuff Area Effect was not visible.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be killed by traps upon respawning at the Sacrificial Altar.
  • Fixed an issue where Portals would not display properly.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters would get stuck in certain spots in the Goblin Cave and could not move.

Quelle: Patch:6.1 – Dark and Darker Wiki (

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