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Backpack Battles Summer Update 0.9.12

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Entwickler PlayWithFurcifer hat ein Patch für das Strategiespiel Backpack Battles veröffentlicht.

Backpack Battles Patch Notes:

New Content & Features

  • NEW ITEM: Prismatic Orb
  • NEW ITEM: Unidentified Amulet (+Amulet of Life, Amulet of Feasting, Amulet of Energy, Amulet of the Wild, Amulet of Alchemy, Amulet of Steel)
  • NEW ITEM (Reaper): Toad
  • NEW RECIPE: Prismatic Sword
  • NEW RECIPE: Stone Golem
  • NEW ITEM: Shiny Shell
  • NEW RECIPE: Shell Totem
  • NEW ITEM: Oil Lamp
  • NEW ITEM: Maneki-neko
  • NEW RECIPE: Box of Prosperity
  • Added an UNDO FUNCTION! You can go back to old inventory placements with Ctrl+Z, redo with Ctrl+Y, define snapshots with Ctrl+ [1 to 9], and load them by pressing the same number (this only affects placements and can of course not revert buy/sell/crafting etc.)
  • Added a summer-themed outfit for each chibi
  • Item tooltips now update in real-time during combat
  • Added new BGM for battle when in Survival mode, and for after battle (before and during Survival

Combat Log

  • Added totals to meters
  • Added meters & plots for weapon misses, item activations, maximum health gained, weapons out-of-stamina
  • Added entries when (de)buffs are reflected, nullified, resisted, protected, prevented etc.
  • You can show/minimize/hide activation entries using the panel above the combat log
  • Hovering entries after battle now restores states of items like potions, playing cards etc. as well as cooldowns, battle rage, and replays the related animations, damage numbers etc.
  • Added replay buttons to combat log



  • Debuffs that are reflected can no longer be reflected a second time
  • Reworked Burning Torch: Heat threshold is removed, chance increased
  • Mana Orb: Now only triggers once. Mana cost 30 -> 35, buffs gained 12 -> 17
  • Djinn Lamp: Now only triggers once
  • Blueberry, Crown, Holy Spear, King Crown, and King Goobert now have the Magic type
  • Glowing Crown: Cooldown 2.5s -> 2.4s
  • King Crown: Cooldown 2.5s -> 2.4s
  • King Goobert: Invulnerability 1.2s -> 1.3s
  • Spear: Minimum damage +1
  • Holy Spear: Cooldown 1.4s -> 2.5s, damage 5-12 -> 13-18, Block removal 6 -> 10
  • Holy Armor: Block 55 -> 60
  • Corrupted Armor: Block 70 -> 75
  • Spectral Dagger: Cooldown 2.5s -> 2.3s
  • Potion Belt: Cleanses 4 -> 5
  • Protective Purse: Block 12 -> 13
  • Stone Helm: Block 30 -> 35
  • Crossblades: Damage +3
  • Thornbloom: Chance to gain Empower 40% -> 50%, damage +1
  • Emerald (Inventory): More & faster Regeneration
  • Sapphire (Inventory): More & faster Cold
  • Tim: Critical hit and debuff resistance 30% -> 25%, cost 11g -> 10g
  • Hammer: Stun chance 50% -> 45%


  • Burning Banner: Cooldown 3.4s -> 3.6s, Blind chance 30% -> 50%
  • Friendly Fire: Cooldown 3.5s -> 3.4s
  • Dark Lantern: Debuffs per Dark item 9 -> 8


  • Reworked Wolf Emblem: No longer gives debuff resistance, now gives Empower or Block based on your current Block.
  • Anvil: Now affects a second weapon, damage bonus 2 -> 1


  • Mega Clover: Buff threshold 20 -> 15, Buff amount 40 -> 25
  • Bow and Arrow, Belladonna’s Whisper, Tusk Piercer, Fortunas Grace: Stamina usage 1.5 -> 1.2
  • Belladonna’s Whisper: Damage needed per Poison 7 -> 6
  • Carrot: Cooldown 4s -> 3.5s


  • Fixed a second Deck of Cards being available under very specific circumstances
  • Fixed a visual glitch when both players were in Battle Rage or invulnerable
  • Changed how Heroic Potion works internally, it now always creates a single log entry and issues with the Impractically Large Greatsword should be resolved
  • Fixed visual glitch when healing a try-heart


  • Added activation animations for Mr. Struggles, Ruby Chonk, Cauldron
  • Added new sounds for Squirrel, Rat, Snake, Dragons, and items made of Fire & Ice
  • Added hover particles for Cauldron
  • Added a click tolerance for shop items to make them easier to grab
  • It’s now possible to grab a single item from the storage box by box-selecting it
  • Item library, options, character sheet: Lots of things now respond to hover
  • When crafting something from an item with gems inside, gems are now placed into the crafted item
  • Steam Deck: Removed options that are specific to desktop

Item Library

  • Filters (like the rarity) can now be right-clicked to apply it as an exclusive filter, and right-clicked twice to apply all except this one
  • Catalysts (crafting ingredients that are not consumed) are now marked on the info panel
  • Items now display their sockets when hovered


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